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STEP ONE Identify your OJSC Teacher and Site Coordinator

  • Identify a teacher to develop and then teach a course with the OJSC. This teacher will continue to teach for his/her Jewish day school, and schools typically reduce the teacher's workload by one period per day to provide time for this OJSC instruction.
  • Identify a site coordinator who will work on-the-ground with students, explaining the program to students/parents, enrolling students in courses, acting as a liaison between OJSC instructors and students.

STEP TWO Professional Development

  • Your teacher will participate in Online Teaching Methodologies, a graduate level online training course which will provide instruction on online learning best practices.
  • Your site coordinator will participate in an online training module which provides instruction and resources on the most effective ways to support students taking online courses.

STEP THREE Course Development

  • The teacher is paired with an expert in online instructional design to develop a semester-long course. The training and course development process from start to finish takes approximately 8-10 hours per week for 4 to 5 months. Teachers are awarded a stipend from the OJSC for course development.

STEP FOUR Student Enrollment

  • The site coordinator at your school enrolls students in courses of their choice from the OJSC catalog. Students can begin to take courses as soon as your teacher registers for Online Teaching Methodologies.


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