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Making Prayer My Own: Finding Meaning in the Siddur

Course Developed by: Rabbi Hyiam Reiffman
Denver Academy of Torah

Tefillah, Jewish prayer, is at the heart of Jewish observance. And as Jews, we are asked to spend a significant amount of time involved in Tefillah. But for many, this time spent is underutilized and may lack the kind of deep and significant meaning that Tefillah can offer us. Many students, especially, struggle to find the meaning and purpose behind Tefillah.

This course will provide students the opportunity to study sections of the Orthodox Siddur, focusing on a deep exploration of the meaning of particular prayers. Students will practice sensitivity awareness, reflection and introspection as they consider prayers of praise, petition and thanks, and connect the themes of these prayers to their own lives. Students will go beyond rote understandings to more powerfully connect and interface with prayer, ultimately creating an experience that is relevant, meaningful, and inspirational.

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Rabbi Reiffman was the C.O.O. and Technology Integration Specialist at Denver Academy of Torah before making Aliyah.  One of his passions is educational innovation. Some recent examples of innovation include helping design and implement a blended learning model, and helping teachers find ways to integrate technology into their curriculum in meaningful ways. Rabbi Reiffman has been involved in education for almost thirty years, both in the classroom and in an administrative role. He has experience in public school, private school, and experiential education, and has taught multiple grades and subjects in Judaic studies and general studies. He enjoyed his role in teacher training and maintaining and supporting his school’s professional learning community.

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