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OJSC Site Coordinators

The site coordinator (mentor) plays a key role in the success and smooth operation of the Online Judaic Studies Consortium (OJSC) at the local level. The site coordinator can be a teacher, a guidance counselor, an administrative staff member, a media specialist, library aide, computer aide or any other staff member with authority to access student records and grades. Schools can choose to train multiple site coordinators and share responsibilities.

Site Coordinator (Mentor) Responsibilities:

  • Provide information to students and parents about OJSC online course options
  • Enroll students in online courses
  • Ensure students have the local technical resources needed to access their online courses
  • Monitor student progress and provide support as needed to help ensure students manage their time properly and complete the work assigned by their online instructors
  • Gather student grades and report term/final grades to the school
  • Communicate with online teachers and OJSC administrators should students need additional support and/or direction
  • Complete Site Coordinator Training modules to prepare for role as liaison between students, teachers, and OJSC staff

Benefits of Being a Site Coordinator:

  • Receive professional development in 21st century teaching and learning
  • Gain experience working in an online classroom environment
  • Collaborate with a variety of educators across the country
  • Provide expanded educational opportunities to students.

Become a Site Coordinator!

The VHS Learning's site coordinator training provides participants with information on how to effectively administer the OJSC program at their school. Participants should expect approximately five to ten hours of work to complete the course. To get started, register to become a site coordinator.

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