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Introduction to Jewish Texts

Course Developed by: Aviva Gershman
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Jewish texts are at the center of Jewish learning and understanding. They provide us with a road map to help inform and shape the choices we make and the personal journeys we all embark upon in our lives. This course is designed to introduce students who may be new to Judaic studies to the rich, interconnected world of Jewish texts. Students will learn about the different types of Jewish texts and how they relate to one another. Through analysis of some of the earliest narratives of Jewish tradition, students will come to understand how these texts provided the foundation for Jewish law and contemporary practice.

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Ms. Gershman currently serves as the Chair of the Jewish Text department at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD. Prior to her work at CESJDS, she ran a number of religious schools in Massachusetts and Virginia. Ms. Gershman has enjoyed teaching biblical and rabbinic texts to student of all ages and backgrounds, and has taught in Conservative, Reform and pluralistic environments, both formal and informal. She holds graduate degrees in Linguistics and Jewish Education, and lived in Israel for three years.

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