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Pairs in the Tanakh

Course Developed by: Arielle Gereboff
San Diego Jewish Academy

Tanakh presents us with a rich variety of themes and teachings that cover the full spectrum of what it means to be human. This course will provide an exploration of Tanakh in a unique way by analyzing several pairs of individuals, and comparing their different character traits (middot), behaviors and actions. Topics covered include leadership, parent-child relationships, and making covenants. This course will include careful text study, development of critical thinking skills, and self-reflection. Students will connect the stories we study about human nature in Tanakh to their own lives.

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Ms. Gereboff teaches 6th, 8th, and 11th grade at the San Diego Jewish Academy. She has 14 years teaching experience including formal and informal education in grades K-12 and at the university level. She holds a Clear California multiple subjects teaching credential
with CLAD certification, a Jewish day school teaching certificate, two BA degrees, and an MA. Ms. Gereboff is a graduate of a performing arts high school, was a competitive gymnast, has lived and studied abroad for extended periods of time, and enjoys fine arts. She uses her varied interests and extensive teaching experience to connect with all types of learners in her classroom.

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