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Responsibility and Restitution: Perek HaChovel (Advanced Talmud)

Course Developed by: Sara Wolkenfeld

How do legal authorities craft an ethical and functional justice system that addresses the needs of all members of society? What is the most just and ethical way to balance the rights of both the injurer and the injured? How is the authority to decide these questions portrayed and understood in rabbinic literature? And, perhaps most importantly: How can learning Gemara impact our lives as Jews? These questions and more will be addressed in our study of the eighth chapter of Bava Kamma. This class will focus on cultivating the ability to analyze the text of the Gemara, while also incorporating excerpts from some of the classical commentaries.

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Ms. Wolkenfeld is Director of Education at Sefaria, a digital library and new interface for Jewish texts, and also teaches Talmud at Ida Crown Jewish Academy. She has previously worked as Director of Education at the Center for Jewish Life - Hillel at Princeton University, where she and her husband served as the Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus Jewish educators. During the summers, Ms. Wolkenfeld teaches at the Drisha Institute in New York City and lectures on various Jewish topics on campuses and in synagogues. She holds a BA in Judaica and Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and has studied Talmud and Jewish Law at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Drisha, Pardes, Nishmat, Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel School, and Beit Morashah. Ms. Wolkenfeld lives in Chicago with her husband and their four children.

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