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Through VHS Learning STEM courses students explore real world issues as they work to identify problems, think critically to address questions, and are challenged to propose solutions. Students engage in substantive learning experiences that provide deeper exploration of content with an emphasis on supporting claims with evidence, as outlined in the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards*.

By collaborating with STEM industry leaders, we provide access to cutting edge research and technology. Along with TERC, a research based organization focused on math and science, we have developed a state of the art Earth and Space Systems Science high school course. We have partnered with the International Space Station National Lab (ISSNL) to create a course that teaches STEM concepts through the International Space Station. We have collaborated with the Center for Translational Science Education at Tufts University School of Medicine to offer the Neurological Disorders portion of their Great Diseases curriculum to middle and high school students worldwide. VHS Learning makes yearly commitments to expand and improve computer science eduacation throught CSforAll.

VHS Learning students take AP® Environmental Science with peers from around the world, discussing global issues, asking each other questions, and comparing environmental observations across the states and countries where they live. Our STEM program offers a robust catalog of AP® courses, including AP® Statistics,  AP® Computer Science A,  AP® Chemistry, and AP® Physics 1. These courses are rigorous, engaging and effective, as evidenced by strong AP® results. VHS Learning AP® course pass rates are typically above the national average, with many of our students earning 4’s and 5’s.

Students analyze histology using NIH Image J imaging software in Anatomy, calculate the rate of seafloor spreading using Google Earth in Earth and Space Systems Science, investigate Newton’s Laws using Vernier Go! Motion probes in AP® Physics 1, and investigating AP® Chemistry concepts by completing a comprehensive set of experiments that use safe chemicals in small quantities. Many of our courses incorporate a combination of hands-on and technology based lab experiences that support the development of key science practices.


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