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Participation Options

High Schools around the world partner with VHS Learning to provide high-quality supplemental online classes for a variety of reasons including: expanding course offerings, adding flexibility to student schedules, and solving teacher shortages. There are many ways to participate in our program as outlined below.

Pay As You Go

Enroll students à la carte with no commitment. Schools are charged the full price of $450 per student per semester course. 

“Through VHS Learning, we’re helping to stretch student learning experiences by offering them choices. . .They’re encouraged to explore and experiment, just like they’ll be doing in college and in their careers.” - Gerry Goyette, Principal at Sutton Middle School

Student-Only Partnership

Receive a discount when you commit five or more students to the program. Maximize your students' success by training a staff member as your on-site coordinator. Training is FREE to new and exisiting partners.

“VHS Learning enables us to expand our program of studies in a flexible manner that fits into any student schedule. I also like the idea that a district is partly responsible for maintaining the quality of the instruction since we also contribute to the programming.” - Eric Conti, Superintendent at Burlington Public Schools

Teaching Partnerships

Save dramatically on student tuition in exchancge for teaching a VHS Learning course online. New teachers must pass Online Teaching Methodologies (OTM), our graduate-level training course, to teach within our online classroom. VHS Learning teachers and their schools gain access to our subject matter experts, mentors, and a community of expereinced teachers. Online Teaching Methodologies and on-site coordinator training are FREE.

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There are countless ways to adapt our program. Fill out the Custom Partnership form to see how we can help you.

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“As an urban district I feel that VHS Learning is particularly a good fit for us because of the flexibility it offers. Most of our students have a lot of family, work and other responsibilities that they are juggling. Without VHS, many of these kids wouldn’t be able to take an advanced class.” – Lisa Dyer, Manager of Staff Development at Worcester Public Schools