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Professional Development

Teaching for Your Partnership

At VHS Learning, one of our key differences is the quality of the teachers in our program. We believe that the most successful students are supported students. Our online teachers are highly qualified in their disciplines and take a 4-week rigorous and engaging course, Online Teaching Methodologies (OTM) to learn how to teach in an online environment. We also train on-site student support liaisons (site coordinators) via a 5-hour self-paced training course, Site Coordinator Orientation (SCO).

Both Online Teaching Methodologies and Site Coordinator Orientation are included as part of your school's partnership.

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Online Teaching Methodologies for Professional Development

VHS Learning has helped thousands of teachers expand the scope and depth of their instructional skill by providing opportunities to reflect on and develop strategies for the use of technology. This journey begins with our Online Teaching Methodologies (OTM) course.

OTM is conducted entirely online and provides teacher resources, strategies, and collaborative activities with peers. Teachers develop an understanding of the unique aspects of online learning, and practice pedagogical skills to help ensure students have quality learning experiences. Teachers are also provided with training on how to utilize our learning management system to best meet the needs of students.

How it works:

  • Duration - 4-week online course
  • Tuition - $900 per teacher (Bundled discounts and customized PD options for schools, organizations and districts are available.)

Upcoming Session Date(s):

  • June 3, 2020
  • July 8, 2020


Please select the OTM course from the registration menu that best matches your area of expertise. Please review our enrollment policies prior to registering. To take OTM for your partnership, please click here.

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Teachers who participate in OTM are eligible to earn Graduate Credit through Post University at an additional cost. Additional information will be emailed to accepted OTM applicants before OTM begins.

Customized Professional Development

VHS Learning is known for high-touch, customized service and support, and that extends to our professional development as well. In fact, in 2009 the National Education Association (NEA) modeled its standards for online teaching on ours. We know how to teach educators, because we are educators. Our curriculum and instruction coordinators are certified classroom teachers who also happen to be great online teachers and mentors, too.

We can partner with your school or district to customize a program that meets your unique needs. We believe that great educators are at the center of great education. Let us help you achieve more by using proven tools and techniques to supplement the already great work that you’re doing.

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