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Technical Requirements

VHS Learning courses are taken and delivered entirely over the internet, so all that is needed to access course content and complete most course activities is a supported browser and reliable internet connection.

Note that some courses have specific requirements (for example, to install software required for the course) in addition to the standards noted below. Wherever possible, these additional requirements are spelled out for the course within the VHS Learning Catalog.

Browser Requirements

A complete listing of compatible web browsers and other technical requirements can be found in the VHS Learning Service Center: Technical Requirements

Mobile Access to Courses

In general, course content is viewable on mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, ChromeOS and Android devices, and mobile users can interact with the course (post to discussions etc.)

Some courses have requirements (such as installing course software) which are not compatible with mobile devices - the course description in the Catalog should be reviewed carefully in any cases where a student intends to work primarily on a mobile device to ensure that they can complete the course successfully. Please review the Service Center document on Mobile Access for additional details, and request support in cases where there are any questions.