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Expand your high school’s curriculum without sacrificing quality.

Open a world of opportunity to your students by joining over 600 high schools around the world who have partnered with VHS Learning.

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Selecting the right education partner is critical to the success of your online learning program.

Offer a Larger Variety of Courses

Provide students with 275+ unique online courses to supplement their school’s face-to-face offerings.

Add Scheduling Flexibility

With teacher-led, high-quality online courses, you can resolve scheduling issues and give students courses based on their interests – all without straining your budget.

Offer Courses Taught by Certified Teachers

Offer NCAA approved credit recovery, AP, and an extensive selection of unique electives, as well as computer science and STEM courses taught by certified high school teachers.

Help Students Meet Graduation Requirements

Expand your school’s programs & services even if your resources are limited.

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"This class was definitely my favorite online classroom experience and a lot of it I think is up to Mrs. Boden and what she made this class into." 

Olivia, VHS Learning AP Environmental Science Student

Find the best way to partner with us.


Pay as you go

Enroll students with no commitment. Schools are charged the full price of $450 per student per semester course.


Per Enrollment

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  • Access to robust catalog of rich and engaging course offerings
  • Student Orientation
  • Weekly Grade Reports

Teaching Partnership

Save dramatically on student tuition in exchange for teaching a VHS Learning course online.


5-50 Enrollments

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  • Access to robust catalog of rich and engaging course offerings
  • Teacher Professional Development and Mentoring
  • On-Site Coordinator Training

Student-Only Partnership

Receive a discount when you commit five or more students to the program. Plus train a staff member as your on-site coordinator for free.


5-29 Enrollments

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  • Access to robust catalog of rich and engaging course offerings
  • On-Site Coordinator Training

Don’t See What You Need?

There are countless ways to adapt our program. Contact us to see how we can help you.