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Self-Paced Courses

Offering a variety of Advanced Placement® and standard high school courses on a rolling, self-paced schedule to accommodate students who need options outside of our standard semester (formerly called Flexibly Paced).

Schools and students can use these courses to help meet scheduling challenges, or if they missed the semester start date for a course. These courses are self-paced.

Self-Paced 0.5 Credit Courses
Self-Paced 0.5 credit courses are available on a rolling basis. Registration is open unless otherwise noted. Students must complete their coursework in 20 weeks.
Chinese Language and Culture   Health 
Criminology Personal Finance
Cybersecurity U.S. Government and Civics
Digital Photography - New! Writing The College Application Essay
Self-Paced Advanced Placement® Courses
Self-Paced AP® courses begin on Wednesdays from September to December. Registration is open. Students must complete courses by June 15. 
Courses are one credit unless otherwise noted.
AP® Biology  AP® Environmental Science AP® Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism - 0.5 Credits 
AP® Calculus AB AP® Human Geography AP® Physics C: Mechanics - 0.5 Credits 
AP® Calculus BC AP® Macroeconomics - 0.5 Credits AP® Spanish Language and Culture
AP® Chemistry  AP® Microeconomics - 0.5 Credits AP® Statistics
AP® Computer Science A  AP® Music Theory AP® United States Government
AP® Computer Science Principles AP® Physics 1 AP® United States History
AP® English Language and Composition    
Self-Paced One Credit Courses
Self-Paced one credit courses begin on Wednesdays from September to February. Registration is open. Students must complete courses by June 15. 
Algebra 1 English 11
Algebra 2  Geometry 
Chemistry  Spanish 1
English 9 Spanish 2 
English 10 U.S. History 

* Before registering, students should consult their school to ensure credit will be granted for a VHS Learning course.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.