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VHS Learning

Site Coordinators

The VHS Learning site coordinator plays a key role in the success of the VHS Learning program at the local level.

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Work with the local school administration to: recruit eligible students, coordinate and implement local grading and registration policies, and monitor student progress
  • Maintain contact with students, VHS Learning staff, VHS Learning teachers, the local school administration, and parents
  • Ensure VHS Learning students have access to the necessary technical resources

Site Coordinator Qualifications

The site coordinator can be a teacher, a guidance counselor, an administrative staff member, library aide, computer aide or any other staff member with authority to access student records and grades.

A successful site coordinator will typically possess the following characteristics:

  • A student advocate
  • Strong presentation and communication skills to educate the school's guidance department and community about the VHS Learning program
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills

VHS Learning Site Coordinator Training

Partner schools can choose to train multiple site coordinators allowing for greater flexibility.

How it works:

  • Duration – 5 hours of online course work
  • Tuition - Free as part of your school's partnership