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Help Schools Offer More.  Help Students Share More.  Help Teachers Learn More.

Why should opportunities be limited because of where you live and what you can afford?  

Together, we can change the world! For more than 25 years, VHS Learning has helped students and teachers discover their passions. Help students develop Computer Science skills, build STEM awareness, encourage creativity in the Arts, or take advanced courses to prepare for college - your gift of education will make a difference.

With your support … Schools will offer more courses. Teachers will receive more professional development. Students will have more choices.

We are a 501c3 organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

You can choose to make a one-time donation or give on a monthly basis. 

Thank you for helping VHS Learning provide students and schools with collaborative and engaging learning opportunities!
For $225, you can sponsor one student in a literacy skills course this summer.     For $450, you can sponsor two students and help them prepare for college admissions this summer.     For $950, you can sponsor a teacher and help them learn 21st century instructional skills     For $1,125, you can sponsor five students to take a personal finance course.     For $2,250, you can sponsor students in your school’s after school program to travel to the International Space Station (4-week Space Station Academy).     For $4,250, you can sponsor a middle school Gifted and Talented program to challenge ten young students and keep them engaged.     For $8,250, you can sponsor a school for a donation and enable twenty-five students to take art and music courses this spring.     For $16,500, you can sponsor a school for a donation and enable fifty students to take STEM electives this January.