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New Flexibly Paced Courses are available on a rolling basis
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Open a new world of educational opportunities for your students

Supplement your face-to-face high school classes with over 300 online options. Connect students around the world with access to high-quality, teacher-led online classes.

VHS Learning is a nonprofit organization providing teacher-led high school online courses in a wide variety of disciplines and we do so with the expertise we've developed over 25+ years educating students online. Learn more

The standard for quality online education.

For Schools

Offer a world of course variety to your students, preparing them to thrive in college and their careers ahead.

Why VHS Learning

For Students

You belong here. Join a global community of students and cultivate your curiosity with courses that interest you.

How It Works

For Parents

Empower your child to succeed and forge ahead with specialized courses at a variety of levels and in a range of disciplines.

What It's Like


Years of experience


High Schools


Student Enrollments

21 to 1

Student to Teacher Ratio


Unique Courses

Flexibly-Paced Courses

Now offering a selection of AP® and other full year courses on a weekly rolling schedule!

Credit Recovery

Need to make up credits? Credit Recovery courses go at your own pace, so motivated learners can complete their course in as little as four or eight weeks.

Full-Time Education

Looking to earn your high school diploma online? A personal learning plan paired with extensive, high-touch support and qualified teachers are just a few highlights of our full-time Academy.

A rich and engaging education experience.

Interactive Learning

Our online classes include group projects, discussions, interactive lessons, and hands-on labs.

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are certified in their disciplines and average 15 years of teaching experience.

Small Class Sizes

Small classes averaging 21 students to 1 teacher, ensuring interaction, personalized attention and substantive feedback.

High-Touch Support

Every phone call to our office connects you to a person. Receive a response within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Diverse Classrooms

Classes consist of students from across the United States and around the world, creating the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of their peers, challenge assumptions, and broaden their worldview.

Flexible Scheduling

Students can complete their coursework any time of day while meeting weekly deadlines and due dates set by their instructors. Coursework is accessible anywhere students have internet access.

Enroll students today

High schools can partner with VHS Learning to provide online learning opportunities for their students. Parents and high school students can also register for a VHS Learning course individually.