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Virtual High School Classes. Beyond Walls. Beyond Boundaries.

Elevate your high school catalog with a variety of online options! Connect students around the world with access to engaging, teacher-led virtual classes.

The standard for quality online education.

For Schools

Start planning for the 24.25 school year now. Supplement your catalog with over 275 high-quality online high school courses.

Why VHS Learning

For Students

You belong here. Join a global community of students and cultivate your curiosity with courses that interest you.

How It Works

For Parents

Empower your child to succeed and forge ahead with specialized courses at a variety of levels and in a range of disciplines.

What It's Like

VHS Learning is a nonprofit organization providing teacher-led high school online courses in a wide variety of disciplines and we do so with the expertise we've developed over 25+ years educating students online.


Years of experience


High Schools


Student Enrollments

21 to 1

Student to Teacher Ratio


Unique Courses


AP® Courses

Credit Recovery

Students can make up credits in as little as 4 weeks in our self-paced credit recovery courses. Registration is open!

Self-Paced Courses

Students can earn initial credit or pursue a passion with our self-paced courses. Get started today!

Full-Year and Semester Length Courses

With our catalog of over 300 courses students can stay on track or explore new passions.

A rich and engaging education experience.

🔷Interactive Learning
🔷Small Class Sizes
🔷Diverse Classrooms


🔷Qualified Teachers
🔷High-Touch Support
🔷Flexible Scheduing