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12 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Inspiration and Ideas

By: VHS Learning

It’s natural to want to decompress by consuming light and inspiring content that makes you smile. That’s where Twitter comes in. With over 353 million monthly active users, Twitter offers an endless stream of content in almost every industry imaginable. That’s why we’ve filtered through those accounts and compiled this list of 12 Twitter accounts you should follow to inspire you and your teaching:

1.     MindShift (@MindShiftKQED)

MindShift shares insights on the future of learning, focusing on cultural and tech trends and innovations in education. MindShift also produces a podcast focused on the future of learning.

2.     Hank Green (@HankGreen)

Hank Green is a writer, video creator, and internet extraordinaire who has created Crash Course, SciShow, Vlogbrothers, and VidCon. He has amassed a great following on TikTok sharing cool facts about science, and tweets about similar content as well as current events from his quirky perspective.

3.     Simon Sinek (@SimonSinek)

Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker and author of several books, including Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. His tweets are directed towards leaders in any industry, but he also shares general inspiration about compassion and self-improvement.

4.     TeachThought (@TeachThought)

TeachThought is a blog and podcast focused on innovation in education through the growth of educators. Their Twitter brings you the best of their site, as well as inspiring quotes and helpful infographics.

5.     Dr. Anael Alston (@DrAAlston)

Dr. Alston is an education advocate, author, and former NYS Principal of the Year. He shares tweets focused on improving education to benefit students that will inspire you as an educator.

6.     Bored Teachers (@Bored_Teachers)

Bored Teachers is a Twitter account created by teachers for teachers. They share funny quotes, educator memes, and relatable tweets about the struggles and rewards of being a teacher.

7.     Gene Weingarten (@GeneWeingarten)

Gene Weingarten is a Washington Post humor columnist and a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. His tweets offer a witty and humorous perspective about everyday life and current events.

8.     Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

Thoughts of Dog is a funny Twitter account that posts exactly what your dog is thinking in the exact words he’d use if he could speak. This silly account has over 2.2 million followers and has used its following to spread positivity through humor.

9.     Shelly Sanchez Terrell (@ShellTerrell)

Shelly Sanchez is a STEM teacher, author, speaker, and digital innovator who creates content focused on STEM and teaching inspiration. On Twitter, she shares her own content as well as other engaging content in the teaching community.

10.  National Science Teachers Association (@NSTA)

The National Science Teachers Association is an important Twitter account for any STEM educator to follow. Between engaging Twitter chats, interesting articles and important upcoming events, the NSTA Twitter will help you to grow as a science educator.

11.  Brandon Stanton (@humansofny)

You’ve probably heard of Humans of New York, the viral photojournalism project by photographer Brandon Stanton that gives a peek into the lives of New Yorkers of every walk of life. Follow Stanton’s Twitter account for the uplifting and inspiring life stories of people he meets on the street and photographs.

12.  SciGirls (@SciGirls)

SciGirls is an Emmy Award winning PBS show focused on changing the way girls see STEM and the way STEM accepts girls. Follow along with this account for ways to inspire your young female students to grow in STEM fields and feel empowered as intelligent young women!

Follow these accounts on Twitter for refreshing and inspiring content and ideas. And while you’re at it, follow us on Twitter too!