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5 Reasons to Partner With an Online Learning Program

By: VHS Learning

Online learning is a valuable tool to help schools provide students with greater course variety and options for learning. When you are planning to offer your students online courses, it’s important to consider the best approach to meet their online learning needs. Partnering with an online learning program that offers a wide variety of courses and comprehensive student support is critical to students’ online learning success.

Here are five reasons to partner with an online learning program:

  1. Gain access to a wide variety of courses.
    VHS Learning not only provides core courses, but also offers a wide variety of other options, including unique electives and advanced learning courses. With an online learning program, your students can peruse a much wider catalog of course offerings, allowing them to follow their passions and take higher level courses that your school may not be able to offer to students due to limited resources.
  2. Customize courses to meet your school’s needs.
    If your school doesn’t have a qualified teacher or other resources necessary to offer a specific course, an online learning program can help you build and customize course offerings to fill these gaps. VHS Learning allows flexibility in choosing course options that meet your school’s needs, including varying levels of teacher support, customized curriculum, and even the ability to offer synchronous and/or asynchronous.
  3. Get direct teacher support.
    With customized courses, students can take courses online while also connecting with a teacher for lectures and other activities on VHS Learning’s own learning management platform. Teacher support can range from synchronous lectures to asynchronous digital instruction, and teachers also can hold office hours to provide students with dedicated, virtual face-to-face time where they can discuss coursework and ask questions.
  4. Expand beyond the basics.
    No matter how many elective offerings you have at your school, partnering with an online learning program opens up even more opportunities for students to explore subjects they are passionate about. VHS Learning offers courses that go beyond the introductory level, such as psychology and criminology, that allow students to further examine potential college and career options they may want to pursue.
  5. Challenge students and help them expand their skills.
    Online learning programs provide a solid foundation for college, where students learn independently and are charged with self-managing their time and assignments. When students take an online course, they are committing to maintaining these habits and expanding the skills required to excel in an online course.
Online high school courses offer a great opportunity for students to take courses that pique their interests and meet their learning needs. Selecting an online learning program that is designed to support students’ learning and is flexible to support your school’s needs is critical to creating a successful online education environment.

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