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Online Summer School

With self-paced courses available anytime, anywhere, for credit recovery and enrichment, you can balance summer camp, preseason, and vacations while maintaining high-quality learning.


I have really enjoyed my experience taking a VHS course, thanks to many amazing resources and programs. Because of VHS I was able to skip ahead to the grade I belong in and still graduate with all the required credits. 

Brynn, VHS Learning Self-Paced Student

2024 Summer Course Options

All of VHS Learning summer options are self-paced and are offered with rolling admissions. Flexible start dates are available and students progress through courses at their own pace, completing their courses in as little as 4 weeks.

Please Contact Us for more information. 

Self-Paced Courses

With self-paced (formerly flexibly paced) courses, students move through the coursework at their own pace taking 6-20 weeks to complete. These courses are perfect for students looking to pursue a passion or earn initial credit this summer. Each available course is 0.5 credits and $450 per enrollment. Bulk discounts available.

Registration is currently open. Click the course title to view the description and click "add to cart and check out" 

Self-Paced 0.5 Credit Courses
Self-Paced 0.5 credit courses are available on a rolling basis. Registration is open unless otherwise noted. Students must complete their coursework in 20 weeks.
Chinese Language and Culture   Health 
Criminology Personal Finance
Cybersecurity U.S. Government and Civics
Digital Photography - New! Writing The College Application Essay

Credit Recovery Courses

With our flexible credit recovery courses, students can recover credit in 4-8 weeks and begin the course as soon as they register (after June 3). 

All courses are self-paced and a variety of courses are adaptable (noted in course description), so students can test out of modules they have mastered and focus on areas they need additional support in. 

Each course is 0.5 credits and $250 per enrollment. Discounts are available for schools looking to purchase bulk enrollments. These courses are available to begin starting June 3rd, for credit recovery now, please visit our Credit Recovery page.

Registration is currently open. Click the course title to view the description and click "add to cart and check out" 

Available Courses
Algebra 1 - Part A   |   Part B English 9 - Part A   |   Part B Physics - Part A   |   Part B
Algebra 2 - Part A   |   Part B English 10 - Part A   |   Part B Pre-Algebra - Part A   |   Part B
American Government English 11 - Part A   |   Part B Pre-Calculus - Part A   |   Part B
American History - Part A   |   Part B English 12 - Part A   |   Part B Spanish 1 - Part A   |   Part B
Biology - Part A   |   Part B Geometry - Part A   |   Part B Spanish 2 - Part A   |   Part B
Civics Health Spanish 3 - Part A   |   Part B
Chemistry - Part A   |   Part B Physical Education World Geography & Cultures - Part A   |   Part B
Earth Science - Part A   |   Part B Physical Science - Part A   |   Part B World History - Part A   |   Part B

Before registering, students should consult their school to ensure credit will be granted for a VHS Learning course. Credits noted in the catalog are credit recovery credits.

"I was surprised that in this small a class there were people from so many places.  I liked this even if I hate to admit I liked school in the summer!  I understand the material we covered a lot more than I did before. It was really cool to read everybody's ideas and feel like I was in a class with people from all over the world!"

Mariah, Summer VHS Learning Student