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Your support provides children in your community and around the world with educational opportunities.

Why should educational opportunities be limited by where you live or what you can afford? Help us ignite the potential in every child through the gift of learning!

You can change a student’s life for the better by making a donation to VHS Learning today!

Examples of what your donation can do:

For $225, you can sponsor one student in a literacy skills course this summer.     For $450, you can sponsor two students and help them prepare for college admissions this summer.     For $950, you can sponsor a teacher and help them learn 21st century instructional skills     For $1,125, you can sponsor five students to take a personal finance course.     For $2,250, you can sponsor students in your school’s after school program to travel to the International Space Station (4-week Space Station Academy).     For $4,250, you can sponsor a middle school Gifted and Talented program to challenge ten young students and keep them engaged.     For $8,250, you can sponsor a school for a donation and enable twenty-five students to take art and music courses this spring.     For $16,500, you can sponsor a school for a donation and enable fifty students to take STEM electives this January.

To donate to VHS Learning, simply fill out the form below!

Please enter your name and donation amount below. You will be taken to our secure payment site to complete your donation by entering credit card or check information (through our eCheck processing). Thank you!


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For alternative donation arrangements, please contact us at 978.897.1900.