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4 Ways Online Courses Enhance International Schools

To ensure that students receive a comprehensive, diverse education, international schools and programs are increasingly turning to online learning opportunities to enhance their educational offerings. As a nonprofit that connects students around the world with access to high-quality, teacher-led online courses, VHS Learning helps international schools supplement their face-to-face high school classes with over 200+ online options. Online high school courses can enable international schools to transform and elevate their curriculum by expanding learning opportunities and connecting students to a global community.

Here are four ways online learning can enhance the curriculum of international schools:

  1. Expands learning opportunities and provides individualized learning pathways

Students in international programs often held to high expectations to perform well across a wide range of subject areas. This helps students prepare for specialized certificates or diplomas, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. Oftentimes, students may have subject-specific interests they would like to explore, but their schools may not have the resources or enough interest to develop an entire course for these students. To provide students with individualized learning opportunities that align with their interests, schools can partner with VHS Learning to offer online courses that expand learning opportunities across the curriculum. Schools are able to choose from over 300 courses to provide to their students through the nonprofit.

  1. Prepares students for college and careers

Online supplemental high school courses provide students with an opportunity to earn credit towards their high school diploma, while simultaneously exploring opportunities they might pursue in college or their careers. These online courses can expose students to specific content, ideas, and career pathways and allow students to develop their interests across their coursework.

  1. Helps students cultivate a wide range of valuable skills

Students work independently in their online courses, cultivating valuable communication and time management skills. Online courses provide a flexible, but controlled environment for students to really hone in on these useful skills, which students are then able to apply to their work in other courses and other aspects of their lives. Furthermore, online courses help students develop digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that are essential for navigating an increasingly technology-driven world. All of these skills are critical at the university level and an asset in the workplace and students’ personal lives.

  1. Connects students to a global community

Online high school courses create a virtual space for collaboration and connection, fostering cultural exchange among students from diverse backgrounds. When students work alongside their peers from other countries, they broaden their horizons right from their own computers. This not only enhances their understanding of various cultures but also equips them with essential skills for the globalized workforce. Connections created during online courses enrich the international school experience and prepare students for the interconnected world they will encounter beyond the classroom.

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