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Redefining Global Education with Online Learning

From the desk of Alison Hjelseth, Head of School at Gangnam International School

As the Head of Gangnam International School (GIS) in Seoul, South Korea, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of online learning. With just 57 students spanning grades one through 12, our small institution has always prided itself on delivering personalized learning from top-tier instructors. However, our school’s size limits the number of courses we can offer to our students.

Expanding opportunity through VHS Learning

When we began our partnership with VHS Learning during the 2021-22 school year, it opened doors of opportunity that were previously out of reach for our students. With our school’s instructors and resources alone, it was a challenge to offer a diverse range of courses to meet the varied interests and aspirations of our students. VHS Learning made it possible for our students to pursue their passions beyond the confines of our curriculum.

Whether through advanced science or economics courses, VHS Learning fills the gaps and empowers our students to explore subjects that ignite their curiosity. VHS Learning offers online courses in a wide range of disciplines, making it possible for our college-focused students to begin academic specializations that our school wouldn’t otherwise be able to offer at its current scale.

A smooth online learning experience

Transitioning to VHS Learning has been a game-changer for our school. Compared to our previous online learning platform, VHS Learning offers a smoother experience. The interface is intuitive and the proactive support from VHS Learning's instructors makes collaboration seamless.

As an administrator, I appreciate the ease of communication and the personalized attention our students receive in their online courses. With VHS Learning as our partner, we have been able to multiply our school's capacity and enrich the educational experience for every student.

Enhanced academic opportunities through AP® courses

VHS Learning has empowered our students to excel in a competitive academic arena. All of our students are in pursuit of ambitious higher education opportunities, and access to Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses and language options like Chinese gives our students a competitive edge.

One success story that stands out to me is that of a GIS student who was eager to expand his musical horizons to one day become a composer. Despite our school’s limited elective offerings, he was able to take AP® music and composing classes through VHS Learning. He has since been accepted into a prestigious music school in the United States––a testament to the opportunities afforded by online learning at GIS.

Choosing a trusted online learning partner

What truly sets VHS Learning apart is its commitment to personalized learning and student engagement. Unlike other online providers, VHS Learning prioritizes communication and support, ensuring that no student feels isolated or overlooked. Regular feedback and interaction foster a sense of belonging and accountability among our students, creating a vibrant online learning community.

Technology has become an important part of the learning experience––especially at our international school––so it’s crucial to have a supportive online learning partner. Online learning has a transformative potential, preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. As GIS continues to grow and evolve, VHS Learning stands ready to help our school expand learning opportunities while continuing to meet the needs of our students.