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Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Celebrates 2022 Graduates

Boston — June 13, 2022 — Massachusetts Mayflower Academy (MMA), a nonprofit full-time online private high school powered by VHS Learning, is honoring the Graduating Class of 2022, its fifth class of graduates.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is dedicated to supporting its students and helping them succeed in college, careers, and life by providing an engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment that meets the needs of students and families.

Students enrolled in Massachusetts Mayflower Academy work entirely online, but they aren’t working alone. Along with the collaborative nature of the academy’s classes, students are supported by certified teachers, their guidance counselor, a school liaison, and a learning coach, all guided by the school’s leadership team. The academy emphasizes personal connections with families. The school’s supportive model helps ensure students have the greatest chance for success.  

Students enroll in MMA for a variety of reasons. These include the need for more flexibility to pursue a personal passion, access to high-quality distance learning, or the desire for a more robust selection of academic courses. MMA offers more than 300 online high school courses, including 25 Advanced Placement® courses and a variety of compelling electives that can help students decide their future career direction.  

Elena Mortimer from Belgium and Sofia Harlow from Massachusetts are both Massachusetts Mayflower Academy 2022 graduates.  

Mortimer plans to attend university in the fall and pursue a social sciences major. She intends to take online courses for college credit while she finalizes her college major. She is considering a part-time job in the field of education this summer. Harlow is currently working as a personal care assistant for an individual with a neurological degenerative disorder and other conditions that impact mobility.   

Harlow particularly appreciated learning how to follow through on her commitments. “Even though I found it harder than regular high school, I think the experience came at a perfect time because I’ve been able to learn these things about myself before there was a job that depended on me already having that knowledge,” she said.  

Both students found that their time with MMA helped them learn about their strengths and weaknesses in terms of learning and working independently. Mortimer stated, “I think overall MMA has completely changed the way I view school. It made me realize that I just needed a school with a teaching method that wasn’t the traditional high school way.”  

“At MMA, we are delighted to have helped our graduates achieve this academic milestone, and we wish them continued success in the future,” said Amy Michalowski, Dean of Massachusetts Mayflower Academy. “Elena has studied Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Sofia served as the President of the Helping Paws club at her local high school, belongs to the Worcester Youth Jazz Orchestra, and has reached the highest competitive level of Irish step dancing. We are very proud of our students’ accomplishments, both at MMA and within their larger communities. Congratulations 2022 Massachusetts Mayflower Academy graduates!” 

About Massachusetts Mayflower Academy and VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.) 

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy (MMA) is an accredited full-time online private high school. The MMA experience is personal and supportive. The academy enrolls students from across the United States and around the world in its college preparatory diploma-granting high school program. Graduates have gone on to such prestigious colleges as Bates College, California Institute of the Arts, Temple University, and Boston University.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is operated by VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization providing high-quality online high school courses since 1996. Certified teachers personalize each student's learning plan and provide access to more than 300 unique online courses, including 25 Advanced Placement® courses.  For more information, visit