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10 Top-Rated Podcasts For Teachers

By: VHS Learning

As an educator, it can be challenging to find the time to sit down and actively read teaching blogs, articles, or books for teaching inspiration and professional development. Fortunately, there is an abundance of content available to educators by listening to podcasts, making it possible to learn and find inspiration while you are doing something else, like commuting to school, organizing your classroom, going for a walk, or making dinner at home.

Because podcasts can be created and published by anyone, there is a saturated market of listening options. That’s why our team has done the research for you to find 10 engaging and inspiring podcasts for teachers to listen to––all with great reviews and top ratings. Every podcast in this list is rated 4.5 stars or higher on Apple podcasts, so you can be sure they’ll have great content!

From teaching strategies and best practices to inspiration and motivation, here are 10 top-rated podcasts for teachers:

1.      Educational Duct Tape - 5 stars

This podcast, hosted by Jake Miller, was created to help teachers find creative and functional ways to use edtech to address learning standards and solve problems in the classroom, much like duct tape solves many problems in our lives! In each episode, Jake sits down with a different inspiring guest to share and discuss practical ideas for utilizing tech in the classroom.

2.      Teaching Hard History - 4.9 stars

This podcast outlines the long legacy of racism from slavery, to the civil rights movement, to present day. Created by Learning for Justice, Teaching Hard History brings the important history lessons to light through the voices of scholars and educators. Teachers, students, and parents alike will find valuable insights and information by listening to this podcast.

3.      Teachers Need Teachers - 4.9 stars

This podcast is inspired by the questions beginning teachers are asking online and aims to help guide new teachers as they navigate the challenges that come with being a first-time teacher. Lepre aims to make teachers feel confident and in control of their teaching, giving them the strength to make positive impacts on their classrooms.

4.      Eat Sleep Work Repeat - 4.9 stars

Ranked a #1 Business Podcast by Apple, Eat Sleep Work Repeat dives into the intersection of happiness and workplace culture. Bruce Daisley hosts this podcast focused on the scientific ideas behind improving your work life through interviews with psychologists, scientists, and other experts.

5.      The Cult of Pedagogy - 4.8 stars

Jennifer Gonzalez hosts this podcast for teachers full of teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, and edtech. Through a series of interviews with educators, students, teachers, and administrators, learn about the psychological and social dynamics of school, as well as trade secrets for educators.

6.      Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers - 4.8 stars

This weekly podcast for teachers aims to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators. Hosted by Angela Watson, Truth for Teachers shares a weekly dose of motivation and inspiration to prepare you for the week ahead.

7.      The Happiness Lab - 4.8 stars

Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos hosts this podcast focused on the science of happiness and how psychology plays into our own happiness. Not only will teachers learn valuable information about how to best support the emotional health and wellbeing of their students through the powerful research and stories shared in this podcast, but they also will learn about finding and maintaining their own happiness, as well.

8.      The TeachThought Podcast - 4.8 stars

This podcast for teachers has over five years of episodes to choose from and new episodes regularly, offering unique content focused on helping educators better prepare learners for the modern world. Hosted by Drew Perkins, the TeachThought podcast is centered around thoughtful and heterodox conversations that spark educators to think in new ways.

9.      House of #EdTech - 4.8 stars

This podcast explores how educational technology is impacting teachers and education, including how students learn. Through conversations with educators, leaders, and creators, host Christopher Nesi discusses edtech that is shaping the classroom and shares information that can guide teachers in their own edtech journey.

10.  Teachers in America - 4.8 stars

Teachers in America is a podcast from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that is focused on the ever-changing learning landscape. From educators in the classroom to leaders outside the field of education, this podcast aims to create connections, share stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will improve student outcomes and influence the future of K-12 education.


Each of these podcasts for teachers offers engaging and well-researched content to listen to throughout your day, gaining knowledge and inspiration while you accomplish other important tasks. What is your favorite podcast for teachers? Let us know on Twitter @VHSLearning!