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College and Career Pathways to Explore with VHS Learning

By: Julie Barrows

It’s important to give students an opportunity to explore topics beyond those in a standard high school core curriculum. Courses that explore non-traditional or specialized subjects allow students to follow their natural curiosity and gain a solid foundational knowledge of subjects they may pursue in college and/or their career, setting them up for future success. Plus, when students are passionate and interested in the topics they're learning about, they are far more engaged in their learning and can apply and practice the skills from their other core subject areas.

At VHS Learning, we've identified series of courses to help students delve deeper into certain career-related subjects while still in high school. Here are just 5 of the college and career pathways that students can explore with VHS Learning courses:

  1. Business
    Business-related majors are the most popular choice of students at U.S. universities, yet students typically don’t have opportunities to take courses in these subjects before they reach higher education. VHS Learning offers a variety of courses on business, including Business Law, Business Math, Marketing, and AP Economics. Students can also take Entrepreneurship, Investing in the Stock Market, and Personal Finance, which all provide students with skills and knowledge to benefit both their future careers and in their personal lives. Whether students are interested in a major in business or want to explore the idea of one day becoming entrepreneurs, courses within this pathway present many opportunities for the future.
  2. Computer Science & Graphic Arts
    Employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030––faster than the average for all occupations––making these disciplines a great choice for students. VHS Learning has several courses that can help build foundational knowledge in a variety of programming languages, from Scratch to Java to Python. There are also two computer science AP courses, AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles, which could result in potential of college credit if students pass the AP exam.
  3. Environmental Science
    Many young people are concerned with the urgency of climate change, and environmental science is a great pathway for students with these passions. Through VHS Learning, students can take courses like Climate Science, AP Environmental Science, Sustainable Engineering, and more to prepare for college. Classes like Meteorology, Earth and Space Systems Science, and Oceanography are also engaging and valuable learning experiences for students with a strong interest in nature and the planet.
  4. Health Care & Medicine
    There will always be a need for more health care professionals, and with the amount of education needed for most health care jobs, it can be beneficial to explore these subjects in high school to help students decide if this pathway might be a good fit. VHS Learning offers biology and health care courses that cover a wide range of specialties, including Anatomy and Physiology, Bioethics, Biotechnology, and Genes and Disease. Students can also take AP Biology and get college credit for passing the AP exam, which would allow them to begin college biology at a more advanced level.
  5. Writing & Journalism
    Writing courses provide skills that students can take with them into almost any college major or career, but some students with a love of language choose to go further. There are a variety of creative courses available to VHS Learning students who are passionate about writing, such as Creative Writing, Horror Writers, Poetry Writing, and 101 Ways to Write a Short Story. Students can also take Screenwriting, Journalism, AP English Language and Composition, and AP English Literature and Composition to help prepare them for college study.

Career exploration is a focus of discussion in many VHS Learning courses. In addition to these 5 topics, students can also take courses within Criminal Justice and Engineering, all of which are outlined in the infographic Exploring College & Career Pathways, here. President and CEO Carol DeFuria wrote, “This infographic helps students discover career paths of interest, and supports our vision to prepare students for college, careers, and life. We’re proud to introduce students to unique subjects that pique their curiosity, and, with tools such as this infographic, give them a roadmap to pursue possible career paths while still in high school.”


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