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NEW Credit Recovery Courses at VHS Learning

At VHS Learning, we aim to make credit recovery flexible and easy to access, so students can get the credits they need at a pace that works for them. On June 3, VHS Learning will launch our new credit recovery program, providing a fresh array of 44 course options for students looking to make up lost credits. 

These new credit recovery courses are now available in the VHS Learning catalog, giving students and schools plenty of time to explore the new options before they are available to start in June. Most courses are adaptive, allowing students to test out of certain modules. This enables students to concentrate on the content they need to learn, rather than revisiting material they’ve already mastered. 

One of the top reasons students choose online credit recovery courses with VHS Learning is because of the flexibility our courses provide. The self-paced nature of online courses accommodates busy student schedules, enabling students to strike a balance between their academic pursuits and other commitments.  

In addition, VHS Learning credit recovery courses have flexible start dates and can be completed in as little as four weeks. While students have up to eight weeks to complete their coursework, they are able to proceed through credit recovery courses at their own pace, which provides them with the opportunity to regain lost ground efficiently. Further flexibility is offered through “A/B” courses, which are comprised of two 0.5-credit courses. These courses allow students to enroll in one course for half credit or both for a full credit. 

All credit recovery courses will be facilitated through Buzz, a robust learning management system for online education. Within this platform, VHS Learning teachers will deliver all course content, ensuring the same high-quality learning experience we provide for all students. The Genius enrollment and report views align with the current views of students in D2L, ensuring seamless registration and monitoring for faculty, guardians, and students from partner schools. 

Pricing for each 0.5 credit course enrollment is as follows: 

  • Current partner schools who commit to 25 credit recovery seats: $200 
  • Schools with a trained site coordinator: $225 
  • Individual students or schools without a designated site coordinator: $250 

We are looking forward to providing expanded options for credit recovery starting in June. Students who are interested in taking credit recovery courses can explore the available options and learn more at Our current credit recovery program is still running. Students who need to make up credit before the end of the school year can do so here. 

Please note that credit recovery courses are not NCAA approved.