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Which VHS Learning course should I take?

By: Julie Barrows

You’ve selected the course you want, but there are different versions in the VHS Learning catalog. Which one should you take?

VHS Learning offers more than 300 unique online courses. Most of those courses run on a semester schedule with weekly deadlines and due dates; full-year courses start in September while semester-length courses start in September or January. But what happens if you miss a course’s add/drop period or you prefer the flexibility of a self-paced option? What if you need to retake a course in a hurry so you can graduate? Luckily VHS Learning offers courses in a variety of formats to help.

Here are the different formats that VHS Learning offers:

  • Semester & Full-Year Paced Courses: Paced courses for initial credit. If your schedule allows, and you can keep up with course pacing and weekly deadlines, we recommend taking a paced full-year course (starting in September) or a semester course (starting in September or January). Paced courses require interaction with classmates and those interactions can add to your learning experience. You will also have frequent communication with and feedback from your teacher. Our small classes average 21 students to 1 teacher so you can get the personal attention and support you need to be successful. Opportunities to connect with your classmates around the world include hands-on labs, group projects, and discussions that relate to your real life. 
  • Flexible Self-Paced Courses: Self-paced courses for initial credit. Staggered start dates can also help you take courses for enrichment and prepare for the next school year. One-credit Flexible courses start each Monday from September-December for AP® courses, and September-February for non-AP® courses, and must be completed by the end of the school year. This means students that begin later in the year must progress through the content at a faster rate. Half-credit non-AP® courses have rolling enrollment throughout the year (including summer) and are self-paced up to 20 weeks. Flexible courses are teacher-led and self-paced.
  • Credit Recovery Courses: Self-paced courses intended for making up credits. Credit Recovery courses can start at any time and students go at their own pace, so motivated learners can complete their course in as little as 4 or 8 weeks. All of our courses are taught by highly qualified online teachers, so you can master the courses you need to graduate or stay on track.*
  • Summer School Courses: Paced courses for enrichment or credit recovery. Take a class without sacrificing your summer plans. These courses are NCAA-approved, and students must complete the .5 credit courses in 4 weeks and 1.0 credit courses in 8-weeks during summer months. Half-credit summer courses begin in June and a second session is available in July. Full-credit summer courses begin in June. (Credit Recovery and some Flexible courses (half credit non-AP®) are also available during the summer months.)

Follow the flowchart and answer these questions to decide the best course format for you. Not all courses are available in all formats, so check your options first. 


All eligible courses are NCAA approved. For a list of available courses, visit

*Always consult your school first to make sure they will grant credit for a VHS Learning course.