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How Online Learning Opens the Door to New Career Pathways

One of the primary benefits of online learning is that it expands course offerings, enabling students to explore topics that are outside of the typical high school core curriculum. Online learning also gives students access to specialized or advanced courses that their school might not have the resources or student interest to provide.

For many students, taking an online course is an opportunity to grow their academic background in disciplines they hope to pursue in college and careers. Online courses also enable students to apply their skills across a range of disciplines, helping them work towards discovering their passions and finding unique career pathways.

At VHS learning, we believe that career exploration and development is vital for high school students. Having the opportunity to discover and explore a variety of topics and skills during high school can help set students on the right path when it comes time to choose a college major or career.

Here are five of the college and career pathways students can explore through VHS Learning courses:

  1. Applied Mathematics/AI

Careers: Data Scientist, Operations Research Analyst, Actuary, Computer and Information Research Scientist (AI)

Some of the fastest growing STEM careers require skills in applied mathematics, such as statistical analysis, problem solving, computing, and artificial intelligence. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects higher than average job growth in Data Science (35 percent), Actuarial Science (23 percent), and Operations Research Analysis (23 percent) over the next 10 years. Students who are interested in pursuing these career pathways can take VHS Learning courses such as Data Science, Discrete Math, Artificial Intelligence, and Statistics (also offered in honors and AP®). We also offer AP® Calculus AB and BC to help students jumpstart their college goals.

  1. Law and Government

Careers: Lawyer, Paralegal, Elected Official

Students who are passionate about community, justice, and advocating for others may succeed in careers in law and government. While they often require a lot of work and education, law careers can be very rewarding. Students who want to work in law and government can explore these careers with VHS Learning courses such as Business Law, Law and the U.S. Legal System, and U.S. Government and Civics.

  1. Software Engineering and Computer Science

Careers: Information Security Analyst (Cybersecurity), Software Developer

In an age of rapid technological advancement, software engineering and computer science careers are expanding, offering students countless professional opportunities. Jobs in robotics, cybersecurity, and software development and design are in high demand and continuing to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates higher-than-average job growth in Information Security Analysis (32 percent), Software Development (25 percent), and Computer and Information Research Science (23 percent) over the next 10 years. VHS Learning students who want to begin working towards careers in these disciplines can take courses such as Python Programming, AP® Computer Science Principles, and AP® Computer Science A.

  1. Environmental or Animal Science

Careers: Ecologist, Veterinarian, Wildlife Biologist

In the face of climate change, young people are hopeful for positive changes that benefit the environment and its ecology. This passion and advocacy translates well to careers in environmental science and animal science. There are many STEM jobs to explore in these fields, such as becoming a wildlife biologist or veterinarian, as well as jobs in environmental policy, government ecology and natural resources jobs, or animal behaviorist jobs. Students interested in environmental science careers may take Oceanography, Meteorology, or AP® Environmental Science. We also offer animal science courses including Veterinary Medicine and Animal Behavior and Zoology.

  1. Performing Arts

Careers: Composer, Music Instructor, Screenwriter

Online learning not only offers opportunities for students to take academic electives, but also electives in performing arts. For students who want to pursue performing arts careers, early opportunities to explore courses in music or film and visual media allows them to get experience and practice in skills they may not otherwise learn until college. At VHS Learning, our online courses in performing arts are primarily focused on technical music and writing skills, and include AP® Music Theory, Music Composition and Songwriting, and Screenwriting. Students can also analyze the connection between media and literature through the course Film and Literature.

Having an opportunity to explore career options during high school can positively impact students’ educational experience. Online high school courses equip students with new ideas, skills, and potential college majors and careers, all while helping them build critical life and learning skills such as time management and self-efficacy. When students are able to connect their learning to possible career pathways––particularly through unique and exciting course content––they are able to better identify their passions and make more informed decisions about their futures.

Learn more about the career pathways students can explore through VHS Learning in the infographic: College and Career Pathways.